Investigation of phenomena beyond the range of human perception and physical measurement, carrying the traditions of the Borderland Sciences into the future.
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Gerry Vassilatos's "The Ray of Discovery" video series continues—

Ray II: Rife Raytube Therapy

WAVES THAT CURE chronicles the work and life of Dr. Royal R. Rife, Californian pathologist and discoverer of the BX cancer virus. We follow the steps which led to his discovery of a powerful agent to selectively destroy any virus: The design and implementation of this tremendously powerful Universal Microscope is recounted; the only microscope capable of viewing viruses in the living state. The method and theory of resonant shattering is taught. This way of destroying a virus — while still in a patient’s body— is described in great detail. A total disclosure of his methods, designs, and success is made in these two half-hour episodes.